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I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 09

Do you want to see your name next time you install GNU/Linux in your friend's computer?

If yes, then go ahead and read ...

Online summer training from GNU/Linux User Group of Durgapur ( All are welcome.

Entry Free!

Prospective participants ParticipantList09

Probable Starting Time

25th June 2009, 1900 IST


* Revisiting programming fundamentals
* Get acquainted with Free Software technologies
* Gaining technical knowledge
* Real-world project experience


 * Online reading material will be provided.
 * Talks given by different international upstream developers.
 * Direct interaction with the developers.
 * Soft skill training (online communications).

List of projects/tasks

Topic Type IRC nick Your nick Status mediawiki CSS/theme change System administration mbuf sam [| working]
Capify HOWTO for gitorious on Fedora System administration mbuf
POSIX for Genode framework Systems development mbuf
FEL service pack + gnubie HOWTO System administration mbuf
Fedora complete repository setup (offline) System administration mbuf rtnpro, aveek HOWTO pending
Tax calculation RoR Web development Shrink, mbuf yevlempy
Kannel SMS setup on Fedora System administration mbuf zer0c00l
FEL packaging tasks Packaging mbuf
Hospital management RoR Web development Shrink, mbuf
ACE, libdiameter RPM packaging Packaging mbuf
Emacs-a-day-keeps-the-vi-zing-away LaTeX presentation Documentation mbuf
Beautify IRC logs Scripting mbuf Arun SAG Use irclog2html
Wiki-to-wiki code style conversions Scripting mbuf mitsy, bishnu
Badam Halwa of Embedded Systems code examples Systems mbuf hermes
Movie collection catalog Desktop Application kushal spechard, sunny_slls
Wallpaper changer for the desktop For Gnome desktop kushal sumitc
Thunderbird/Firefox profile porter Desktop application kushal
Subtitle downloader Desktop application kushal KishanGoyal
Firefox extension for pem Firefox extension pjp
VHDL/verilog Code examples, testsuite Electronics/Computer "Engineering" tuxmaniac

List of courses 2009

Topic Date Time Instructor IRC nick
Informal group introduction Thursday, June 25, 2009 1900 IST Shakthi Kannan mbuf
vi revisited Friday, June 26, 2009 1900 IST Kushal Das kushal
i-want-2-do-project. tell-me-wat-2-do. Saturday, June 27, 2009 1900 IST Shakthi Kannan mbuf
IRC How To Monday, June 29, 2009 1900 IST Rahul Sundaram mether
di-git-ally managing love letters Tuesday, June 30, 2009 1900 IST Shakthi Kannan mbuf
Packaging Red Hot, Paneer (butter) Masala (RPM) Thursday, July 2, 2009 1900 IST Shakthi Kannan mbuf
'ABCD' of designing and building an application Saturday, July 4, 2009 1900 IST Vivek Khurana no_mind
Up and running with Mediawiki publishing Sunday, July 5, 2009 1900 IST Stephanie Das Gupta stephdg

List of courses 2008

 * Communication skills                                    
 * Introduction to shell                                   
 * Buffer editors (Vi)                                     
 * Free Software project guidelines                        
 * Code cross-referencing tools                            
 * Functional programming tools
 * Basic GNU/Linux administration                        
 * Subversion (svn)                                        
 * Wiki                                                    
 * Programming with C                                     
 * Python programming                                      
 * Database technologies (MySQL and Postgersql)
 * Systemtap (

Advance topics (Students have to choose at least one)

 * Gtk+ programming 
 * Qt/PyQt programming 
 * Web application design
 * Software packaging (rpm)

Guest Lectures

 * To be declared later

What is required to join this training/Pre-requisites

 * A computer with any recent GNU/Linux distribution installed.
 * A decent Internet connection.
 * Attitude to learn.
 * Go through previous years' IRC session logs.


Kushal Das <kushaldas AT gmail DOT com >

Mailing List



  * #dgplug on

Class Logs

You can find the class logs here.

Topic Instructor IRC log
File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS) Kushal kushal_fhs_class.log
Python Kushal

kushal_python_05072008.log <br /> kushal_python_06072008.log <br /> kushal_python_15072008.log <br /> kushal_python_18072008.log <br /> kushal_python_20072008.log

Subversion (svn) Kushal

kushal_svn_21072008.log <br /> kushal_svn_22072008.log

Vim Kushal

kushal_vi_04072008.log <br /> kushal_vi_05072008.log <br /> kushal_vi_1stclass.log <br /> kushal_vi_2ndclass.log <br />

 Pranesh pranesh_vim_070708.log
Communication guidelines & mailing list guidelines mbuf


i-want-2-do-project. tell-me-wat-2-do mbuf


code cross-referencing tools mbuf


Fedora Art mizmo


Wiki parthan


GCC pjp

pjp_gcc1stclass.log <br /> pjp_gcc2ndclass.log

GDB pjp


make pjp


The shell rishi

rishi_1st_class.log <br /> rishi_1st_class.log <br /> rishi_1st_class.log

Linked List rishi


Fedora docs stickster


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